QUIT-O-MOSQUITO..The Solar Powered Mosquito repellent...

QUIT-O-MOSQUITO..The Solar Powered Mosquito repellent...
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QUIT-O-MOSQUITO.. A must have for your sensitive skin.. as well as your beautifully manicured lawn.

This solar powered pest repeller, not only repels mosquitos, it also repels all sorts of bugs, moles and rodents

that are unsafe for your skin and eat away your lawn.


Get QUIT-O-MOSQUITO and enjoy spring and summer spending quality time out doors with your family .

No need to apply greesy products to your skin or spray harsh products on your lawn that only claim to keep pests away, but are full of toxic chemicals

which are not only harmful, it is sure waste of money.

QUIT-O-MOSQUITO is environmentaly friendly, it gently transmits an ultrasonic vibration every 30 seconds to repel the pests,  
but it won't harm you or your house pets and your lawn continues to look great too.
Easy to install , comes in Lawn Green color.  
Recomendation: It is recomended to install 2 Quit-O-MOSQUITO to get edge to edge perimeter coverage. 

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